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We are a digital marketing agency specializing in global campaigns for our customers. No matter where you audience is, we bring you tangible results: new customers, brand awareness, investors, and more.

We specialize in building a lean, razor-sharp digital strategy and implementation that brings results. Our clients enjoy personal, comprehensive, and professional service and ongoing support throughout all project stages until we reach the desired results.

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Our Services

Research and Digital Analysis

To stand out, you need to know your field. So, as a first step, we analyze your market, understand current trends and where you should focus, conduct a competitive analysis, characterize your relevant buying personas, and find the promotion and marketing methods that are the most effective for you.

Targeted exposure and lead generation

If you’re not there - you do not exist. We will build a marketing strategy to attract your audience, create interest, and gratify and convert your audience. In other words - a digital strategy that brings results.

Measurement and analytics

The budget is only the first step. You also need to know how to invest it correctly. We constantly have our finger on the pulse, performing an in-depth analysis of website surfer behavior, defining goals, and following up on the results. We divide the marketing budget correctly and continuously improve so that each campaign achieves optimal results.

Marketing content strategy

We build a winning content strategy and promote quality marketing content that creates brand awareness, adds value to your customers, and creates a loyal audience. We create blogs, social media posts, articles, reviews, and fascinating and domain-focused content to bring you an online presence and turn leads into customers.

What You Receive from Us

Personalized strategy

The digital journey to your destination is dotted with crossroads. We’ll act as your digital compass, helping you build the right marketing strategy to get you where you want to go. We will build your budget wisely and not waste it in the wrong places.

Professional management

Our team comprises experts in their field who work in complete synergy: PPC, SEO, promotion on social networks, advertising on Google, Outbrain, content creation, and more.

Comprehensive digital infrastructure

we provide you with the most advanced digital communication channels to place your company at the center of the online echo system, position you as a leading company and help you close deals.

About Us

The Top Interactive team consists of professionals with many years of experience in managing digital marketing projects.

Zeev Gorman, the CEO, is an expert with more than 25 years of experience in digital advertising and many successes in the international market, including the USA, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia. Zeev personally monitors every project to ensure that every client achieves the maximum results.

Use Cases

Increasing conversions

A FOREX company found it challenging to open a business account on the social platforms because of advertising limitations. WE managed to sign up to Adroll and within a month their conversion rates rose to 280 conversions a month (a 5% rate).

Targeting investors

A medical equipment company wanted to raise the company stock price. We conducted digital promotion of a company video and their participation in RSNA. as a result the company stock price rose by 20% within a week.

Ensuring a successful IPO

The goal: target investors in the Canadian TSX Stock Exchange To raise awareness to an IPO so they would buy the stock. The result: stock price increase by 100% within 48 hours.

Increasing website traffic

The goal: increase SEO traffic from the US and EU through SEO to raise the number of leads. The result: SEO traffic increased by 30% within six months and the company appeared at the top searches of hundreds of terms.

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